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The acne treatment experience of a 26 year old man including detailed journal entries, pictures and product reviews.

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Welcome to my Acne Treatment Journal

Every human being on the planet has experienced some sort of skin disorder, disease, condition or blemish at least once in their lifetime.

Acne Vulgaris is the most common of all types of skin disorders and can cause considerable adverse physical and psychological effects if not treated.

But there is hope! Every type of acne can be treated successfully due to the advances in modern dermatology.

Nowadays a teenager or young adult with mild acne can walk into any pharmacy and purchase a variety of over the counter products that can easily eliminate the occasional pimple or breakout.

Those of us who suffer from moderate or severe acne need the help of a skin care professional who can prescribe a regiment tailored to fit the needs of each skin type. Luckily, dermatologists have a very effective lineup of topical and oral prescription drugs that can be teamed together to form an acne eradicating combination therapy.

I created this website to share my experience with battling acne from 1997, when I was a senior in high school, to present day. Since the day that I woke up with my first pimple, I've been experimenting with almost every type of over the counter, prescription, and natural or homeopathic acne remedy that I could get my hands on.

To begin exploring the site, use the navigation menus at the top or the bottom of each web page. The first major section is my "Acne Journal" which covers every skin treatment I have used from 1997 to 2016 including Accutane brand isotretinoin.

I've also included a general acne "Frequently Asked Questions" page, a more specific Accutane FAQ, a drug information guide, anti-acne product reviews, and a dermatologist directory.

Hopefully by reading every part of this site you will be able to take away the parts of my extensive knowledge that are relevant to your struggle with acne, transform you into a well informed patient, and then using the Dermatology Clinic Directory, guide you to a doctor with whom you can overcome this all too common affliction.

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