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The chronological history of my personal battle with the acne vulgaris skin disorder including treatment details.

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Following the advice of my first dermatologist, I started keeping a written record of my anti acne regiment and product usage. This zit fighting diary helped me to discover patterns in my breakouts and figure out which over the counter or prescription drug combinations worked best for my skin type.

Below you'll find links to the summary page of each year of my acne treatment journal from 1997 to 2007. Click on the # 1 link to get started at the beginning or skip ahead to the headline that most applies to your current situation.

1. 1997 - Over The Counter Acne Product Nightmare

2. 1998 - Acne Worsening & Limited Success With Proactiv

3. 1999 - First Dermatologist - The Ups & Downs of Antibiotics


4. 2000 - The Minimalist Approach - Neutrogena Face Wash

5. 2001 - 2nd Skin Care Doctor - Minocycline 50MG & Differin Gel

6. 2002 - Minocycline 100MG, Retin-A Micro & Vitamin C 500MG

7. 2003 - Slight Acne Remission, Stopped Taking Antibiotics

8. 2004 - Face & Body Acne Persists - Began Taking Accutane

9. 2005 - Post Isotretonin Side Effects - Finally Acne Free!

10. 2006 - Almost All Accutane Side Effects Vanish

11. 2007 - Trouble Free Skin At Last, No Contact Lenses At Night

12. 2011 - Seven Years After Accutane - 99.9% Clear & Eyes OK

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